Mystic Rose 4Q
Modern Ceiling Lamp MYSTIC ROSE 4Q
Modern Ceiling Lamp MYSTIC ROSE 4Q Archerlamps
Geometric Modern Ceiling Lamp MYSTIC ROSE 4Q

Mystic Rose 4Q


Geometric Modern ceiling lamp MYSTIC ROSE 4Q. Designed and created using contemporary technology. Made of powder coated steel.

Possible to make in variety of colours.

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Production time: 10 - 15 working days

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Four cube-shaped lamps suspended in tiers from the ceiling creates an amazing, unique design. With the Mystic Rose mathematical equation at the heart of the quad, they light up harmoniously to produce a feeling of strength and unity.

Additional information


4x max 60W or LED, E27


64cm x 40cm ( each cube is 14cm x 14cm)


Colour, Size


Black, copper


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