Chair Tiananmen Green Velvet


Intuitive exciting design with modern, elegant velvet upholstry.

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This unique chair is the reflection of the Tian An Men in Beijing with its edges turned upwards just like the most famous ancient Chinese architectural treasure.

Intuitive design with magical illusion of hanging in the air.

Very solid yet surprisingly springy steel construction.

The backrest is designed to hang the arms over to the back for the benefit of stretching the back and the collar bones.

The chair is filled with latex and upholstered with an easy to clean, beautiful bottle green velvet.


Dimensions are as follows:

Seat hight (in the middle) – 48cm
Seat width (left to right) – 50cm
The back hight (in the middle) -91cm
The backrest width – 54cm

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Frame color

Matt black with subtle sparkle


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